Get ready for Google consent mode v2

  • 28 February 2024
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As you may know, from March 6, 2024, Google Consent Mode V2 will be a mandatory measure that Google imposes on website owners who use visitor data. Google imposes this obligation to comply with stricter consent requirements from the European Economic Area (EEA). Advertisers must respect the privacy preferences of visitors, registered by a cookie banner in Consent Mode V2. This is in line with legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This measure has often been postponed and has therefore been uncertain for a long time, but it is now really happening.

What is it exactly?

Google Consent Mode V2 is an updated version of Google's original Consent Mode and must be linked to the cookie banner of your website or webshop. By correctly implementing Google Consent Mode V2, it is possible to collect data without sacrificing functionality or privacy. With Consent Mode V2 you can make the most of both Google Ads and Google Analytics, even if the user does not consent to the use of cookies. Consent Mode V2 models conversions using 'consent signals', which gives you insight into where your conversions come from, without collecting personal data from the user.

This means you comply with privacy legislation and Google will also pass on the data you want to collect. If Consent Mode V2 is incorrectly implemented, Google will refuse website measurements, which can have major consequences for the effectiveness of Google Analytics and Google Ads campaigns.

Who is it important to?

Google Consent Mode V2 is relevant (mandatory) for all websites and web shops that collect data and use Google services such as Google Ads and Google Analytics. This obligation ensures compliance with data privacy regulations and improves user privacy.

Why does Google do this?

Previously, the responsibility for obtaining user consent lay with advertisers. From March 2024, new legislation will be enforced, stating that gatekeepers such as Google will now be given this responsibility. Due to this new legislation, Google is obliged to implement Google Consent Mode v2.

What action is needed now?

To comply with the new legislation, everyone with a website or webshop must implement Consent Mode V2. Without this implementation, Google limits access to critical data, which can be detrimental to site optimization, traffic growth, campaigning, and conversion improvement.
Website and webshop owners must use a consent management platform (CMP) and configure the site accordingly. A CMP guarantees that only data is collected for which visitors have given explicit permission. This tool must be installed and maintained correctly.

Need extra support?

Can't figure it out yourself? Does your web builder have no time or the right knowledge? Wizzou can take care of this process for you, so that you can be assured that it is done properly. We install and run special scripts and ensure that they remain up to date. We also replace the old cookie banner with a new one that matches the corporate identity colors, and we ensure that only the permitted data is used. Monthly checks are carried out and if necessary we renew the scripting.

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